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There are many ways to attract home buyers to your home.  Some companies are better at it than others.

Real estate companies are constantly trying to find new ways to attract home buyers for their listings.  Coldwell Banker’s parent company, Realogy, the largest real estate company in the world, has done just that.

We Can Attract Home Buyers To Your Home With Amazon

Realogy has partnered with Amazon, one of the largest companies in the world along with Microsoft, Apple and Google..

Here is the article on Inman News.

This is Amazon’s Turnkey program and it’s great for both sellers and buyers (more below)

This is great news for you, the seller, as well as for those looking to buy a home.

For Sellers, the more potential buyers for your home, means a quicker sale and potentially more money.

Amazon is one of the best when it comes to marketing.  With their name recognition along with the Coldwell Banker brand, your home will get top of mind marketing, awareness and a powerful way to attract home buyers to your home, which is what you want.

With this type of marketing, along with the proper guidance on pricing your home correctly from an experienced real estate agent who have closed many real estate transactions means an unbeatable strategy for selling your home.

This program is perfect for the buyer because of Amazon’s great incentive for them to use this program.

How The Amazon Turnkey Program Works To Attract Home Buyers

Amazon has millions of subscribers and great name recognition.  Through their promotion of the Turnkey program on their site,, as well as other ads and marketing, a potential buyer will fill out an application online and then receive a call from an Amazon representative, who will ask them some questions to make sure they qualify for the program.

If they qualify, they will stay on the phone with the Amazon representative, while she connects with a local agent.  Once she connects with the agent, then both the potential buyer and the local agent are connected.

The potential buyer is then assigned to that local real estate agent, who have been pre-screened to qualify as a preferred agent for the Amazon Turnkey program.

Once connected, the Amazon representative is off of the phone and both the potential buyer and the local agent begins their conversation to start the search and buying process.

What Is The Benefit For The Buyer?

The incentive for the buyer on Amazon’s Turnkey program is $1000 to $5000 of move-in credit of Amazon home products and services. 

What better way to attract home buyers than giving them free stuff, right?

Amazon’s goal is to turn the buyer’s new house into a home.

The buyer will have their choice of home services, such as TV mount installation, furniture assembly, deep cleaning, etc and/or towards products like Ring, Alexa, Echo, etc.

All of the above will be completely set up so the buyer can just move in and enjoy their new home.

The amount of credit will depend on the purchase price of the home.

  • Below $150k =  $0
  • $150k to $399k = $1,000
  • $400k to $699k = $2,500
  • $700k +  = $5,000

Find out more of what’s covered here and on the Yahoo finance video here.

A Great Program For Buyers

Are you in the market to buy a home?  Don’t feel left out.  You can use this program and take advantage of the incentives listed above that the Amazon Turnkey program offers.

The Amazon Turnkey Program is perfect for home buyers.

Photo by Bob M

The seller sells their home sooner and you get the Amazon benefits.

What could be better?

More Way to Attract Home Buyers To Your Home

This is a quick list of ways to attract home buyers.  For a full breakdown of how to market your home to attract home buyers, visit here.

  1. Price your home properly based on facts
  2. Offer Free Home Warranty
  3. Show disclosures early and be transparent

And many, many more - again, read this article to get more details on my Aggressive, Transparent Marketing of your home so you can attract home buyers - potentially 12.7 million eyes a month.

In Conclusion:

Partnering with Amazon on their Turnkey program is a great way to attract home buyers.  The key being the buyer will receive great incentives in using this program.

Once they’re prequalified with the program, they’re set up with a pre-screen agent who will then help them find them a home.

Easy process, but contact me if you have any questions on this great program.

Talk soon and see you around town!

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