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Top 5 Folsom CA Neighborhoods is based on a recent article by  They came out with their 2020 top 30 neighborhoods in Sacramento.  Most of Folsom made it and in this article, we’ll talk about the Top 5 in Folsom.

In this article I’ll also give you my Top 3 and I’ll explain why they’re my top 3.

Based on Crime, Public Schools, Cost of Living, Job Opportunities and local amenities,, rated these neighborhoods as their top 5 Folsom CA neighborhoods:

  1. Broadstone
  2. Lexington Hills/The Parkway area (They’re next to each other - back to back
  3. Empire Ranch
  4. Los Cerros off of E Bidwell St (I do love this area)
  5. Natoma Station

Unfortunately, my neighborhood in Folsom came in 7th.  Oh well!

I do agree with this list, however, I will offer my top 3 and I’ll list the reasons why later in this article.

If you want  the details of’s ratings, you can access it here.

There are few things that these neighborhoods have in common.

Everyone feels safe and comfortable here.  There are many people walking their dogs, kids playing in the yards or parks, hiking and running or biking - all are a common sight.

What I’ll do here is offer my “local” point of view on each.

With that said, let’s get started.


Broadstone is the largest neighborhood in the Folsom CA Neighborhoods list  The location is ideal for many people for shopping and going out to eat. because The Palladio, Costco and the larger shopping centers are all located in Broadstone.  

You have the easiest access to Hwy 50, meaning, it’s easier to get going on the road, whether you’re going west to Sacramento or beyond or the opposite way going east towards Red Hawk Casino or to Lake Tahoe.

Certain subdivisions have very, very easy access to Kaiser Hospital,while on the other side of Broadstone, you’ll have easy access to California Family Fitness.

There are lots of parks here as well.

Broadstone has very affordable homes as well ranging from the mid $400s, but also has homes that can go up to $1 mil.

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Just next door to the Broadstone neighborhood and placing second on the Top 5 Folsom CA Neighborhoods list is Lexington Hills. grouped it together with The Parkway, since they’re pretty much the same neighborhood - though The Parkway is a bit newer.

It has easy access to the shops and gym as well, but closer to the FIDO Field Dog Park and has a very easy, back-road access to Folsom Lake College where the Harris Center is located.

What I really like about this Folsom Ca neighborhood is when you go up on Fayette Way and left on Rockport Cir - you’ll start heading up the hills.  The view from these homes are breathtaking, especially at night!

On The Parkway side, you’re closer to the back end of Empire Ranch and different shopping centers.  You’re very close to the 99 Ranch International market and you’re just minutes away from the bottom of the hiking and biking trail on E Natoma St, which turns into Folsom Lake Crossing.

It’s such a beautiful hike up towards Folsom Lake and the  Folsom Dam - especially when water is being released.


Empire Ranch is located next to El Dorado Hills.  So, east of Empire Ranch Road  and onto The Foothills, where it turns to Sophia Pkwy are where you’ll see quite a few homes on the Folsom Hills. 

They’re newer and larger homes.  Some homes, you’ll have a little bit of view of Folsom Lake.

Empire Ranch is a pretty long neighborhood - from the top of Iron Point Rd to Blue Ravine Rd, though it turns into Sophia Pkwy.  The more affordable homes in Empire Ranch, which can be in the low $500 range are towards Iron Point Road and towards Blue Ravine. 

The part of Empire Ranch that I like and why it’s my #2 is in the middle of the neighborhood - towards the hills next to El Dorado Hills.  

It’s # 2 because my #! Is more secluded and though older, the homes are updated and have a lot of character and have mature trees, which I love.

Homes in this area of Empire Ranch range around the high $400s and can go up to and over $1 mil

If you like to golf, then you’ll have pretty good access to the Empire Ranch Golf Club- though The Parkway is close as well.


What makes Los Cerros nice and is in 4th place in the Top 5 Folsom CA Neighborhood list AND #1 on my list, is you have a little bit of hillside living not too far from E Bidwell St.  It’s located close to Blue Ravine, which means you’ll have access to the older part of Folsom, while still being on the newer side of Folsom.

This is a great location - pretty close to everything, but far enough to have some privacy.  From E Bidwell, if you blink you can easily miss this neighborhood.

There are homes here with lots of character, long front stairways and large columns.

The homes here range from the high $600s to over $1 million.


Natoma Station is a little bit older neighborhood and there are some clustered homes next to the elementary schools and behind the Folsom Premium Outlets.   

You’re closer to the older shopping center, Folsom Premium Outlets, but also have easy access to the LIght Rail, as well as Hwy 50 off of Folsom Blvd. 

Apartments living is popular here too, due to easy access to public transportation and walk-ability to restaurants and some shops.

Lots of amenities are within walking distance.  Great schools too!

You’re also very close to Lake Natoma and the hiking and biking trails on the west side of Folsom Blvd where the Willow Creek Recreation Area is located.



I already talked about Los Cerros and Empire Ranch above, but I haven’t mentioned the American Canyon North neighborhood.  Though a very nice neighborhood, I believe it didn’t make the top 5 because it is further from the schools and shopping, as well as public transportation and to Hwy 5.

One thing that I did not mention about the Los Cerros area is that it reminds me of a newer American River Canyon North with the large home on a hill with larger lots and a feeling of being secluded.  Simply beautiful.

While Empire Ranch is next door to our neighbor on the east side, El Dorado Hills, American River Canyon North is next door to our neighbor to the North, Granite Bay.

It’s an older neighborhood, but many of them have had nice upgrades and the homes here can go above a million.

The homes here have some character as well.  You’ll see some with roman features and one thing for sure - this area is not flat.

The main reason why I like these areas is because they’re further away from the busy part of town.

Though they’re further away from the shopping and easy access to restaurants, etc, they’re not that far, yet offer more quiet and a more laid back feel.

Maybe if I were younger, it would be different.  So, my top 3 would probably be in the bottom 3 for someone younger.

No matter where you go, Folsom is a great city and offers something for almost everyone!

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