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The Folsom real estate market is trending up like most of the Sacramento County areas.  In 2015 the median list price was just below $480,000.  It’s steadily increased every year and now is just below $600,000.  That is a great price considering how much in demand living here is.


Folsom is an affluent city and high tech  Many people want to move here.  The prices of homes are higher than most of the areas in the Sacramento County. 

Click on the picture above to watch the video my brokerage made for the Folsom CA area.

However, with high demand, historically low interest rates and low inventory… the Folsom real estate market (and the Sacramento County area in general - some areas are projected to go up around 5%) is projected to only increase at around 2.2% in 2019.  Much lower than the previous years.  

This is tremendous news for you.  This is a great time to get into the Folsom real estate market.


If you are from the Bay and familiar with San Ramon (just off of Hwy 680 just past Walnut Creek and Danville- and before you get to the Hwy 580 Intersection close to Stoneridge), then you’ll get a very good idea what the newer Folsom is like… but at a much more affordable price… and more amenities...

Watch the short, oldie, but a goodie, video brought to you by the Folsom Tourism Bureau.  The video was produced by How 2 Media Video Production 2008    

Folsom Real Estate Prices

Right now, there are quite a few 3-4 bedroom homes in the high $500s to mid $600s.  In some parts of Folsom, there are 3 bedroom homes from $400,000 to just below $500,000.  Larger homes between $850,000 to just below $1,300,000, but great deals can still be had. 

Folsom California real estate prices has seen tremendous growth in the last few years.  However, 2019 is only predicted to grow by 2.2%.

Photo by Credit Debit Pro

If you’re okay with Condo living, a 1 bedroom, 1 bath unit will run you around $185,000.

You may have to wait longer and keep watching what new listing comes on the market, but affordable homes in Folsom do exist.  Some homes may need more work than others. However, If you’re looking to get into the Folsom real estate market and are okay with creating some sweat equity, then there are opportunities here for you..  

Some of these homes may be remodeled, partially remodeled or have no upgrades at all, but many are move in ready.   You can give it your own flare a little bit at a time - as your schedule permits.  There is a reason why Lowes and The Home Depot are doing so well here.

If you decide to rent first, average rent ranges from $1800 to $2300 a month, though 4 bedroom homes typically rent over $3000 a month.  There are plenty of very nice apartments that are conveniently located with easy access to the highway and shops.

There are also Lease with the Option to Buy programs that you can use if you are unsure of the area and just want to “test drive” a home or neighborhood before buying.  More info on this here.

If you do decide to buy, make sure you know the steps to buying a house.  This is one process you want to get right the first time and save yourself some headache and money!


So, what makes the Folsom real estate market keep it's value and why is living in Folsom so Desirable?  Keep reading...


View of Folsom coming down Iron Point Rd by Costco.

Demand!  Demand is what helps the Folsom real estate market keep it's value.  There is a high demand to live in here.  Why?...

Have you ever visited a city and after a brief stay said to yourself, “You know, I could live here.”  

That’s Folsom, California!

I’m not saying that because I live here.  I’m saying that because that’s the vibe you’ll get when you spend a day - even half a day in Folsom.  You’ll notice..

  • Friendly people
  • Wide and clean streets
  • A small, but thriving town feel
  • That old western town feel if you were to go to Old Town Folsom
  • And more…. 

There are many different reasons why people want to move to Folsom.  However, most of the buyers I’ve helped wanted to move here due to the safe neighborhoods, great school system and many activities for the entire family and for their children, the culture, etc.


Let’s get this out of the way.  Yes, the Folsom real estate market is in great shape, we have great schools, etc as I mentioned above.  However, Folsom is not perfect.  What city is?  There is crime in Folsom, but overall, compared to the other areas, crime is minimal.

I credit this to a few things - It seems, per capita, that we may have one of the best cops per 1000 residence ratio.  I’ve not research that, but it does seem like it since you’ll see many police cars all over town.  I’m not talking about police cars parked on the corner either.  They are constantly on the move - patrolling our neighborhoods.

Per Folsom crime statistics is 44% lower than the average of the whole of the entire state of California.

The point is there are a lot of cops in town who are actively patrolling the city streets, neighborhoods and parks.  The operative word being “actively.” (Put pic with Local Cop here)

Most families are proactive as well in securing their homes with Home Security systems, like ADT, Ring and Simplisafe.   Doorbell cameras are pretty common.  The residents are pretty active and are always looking out for each other.  They are on the Nextdoor App regularly, which is a great way to warn other residents of things happening around the neighborhood.

Let’s face it crime is everywhere.  You can’t escape it, but with it’s residence and police officers proactively working together to prevent crime keeps it at a minimal.

Most of the people will tell you that they feel safe here.


There are many communities that are master-planned communities, meaning, they reserved a portion of the community for parks and recreation.  Here's a map of the different subdivisions in Folsom - courtesy of the City of Folsom.

What I love above the neighborhoods are the wide and clean streets.  People take care of their yards and there is a lot of pride.  Most areas do have HOA dues, but most are low - around $65 a month or so.

Their purpose is not to control how you take care of your home, but to police the neighborhoods so they keep their value.  These are some of what the HOAs will enforce...

  1. You can’t leave a non-operational vehicles on the street.  
  2. You can’t work on your car on the street so the streets stay clean from engine oil spills.
  3. You can’t just paint your house ANY color.  
  4. You have to get permission from the HOA and you have to get permission from 3 of your neighbors to be able to paint the exterior of your house.

You may think they’re  making too big a deal about the above list, but imagine if your neighbor started painting their house bright yellow and the spray is coming over to your house or car…  How would you feel then? 

The HOA also patrols the neighborhoods regularly to make sure front yards are being well kept, fences aren’t leaning with paint faded away.  They’ll make sure that trees aren’t overgrown - especially fruit trees that have fruit falling all over the street.  They have to be trimmed back behind the fence.

There’s not too many things that can drive a neighborhood value down faster than oil spills on the streets, broken down and leaning fences with faded paint.  It just makes the neighborhood look run down

These are little things, but when you drive through the neighborhoods and notice how clean the streets and overall feel are...  I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.  Here’s a closer look at the different neighborhoods in Folsom.


Schools are a big part of what makes the neighborhoods so great.  Many of the Folsom elementary schools are rated 9s and 10s by  A few of the top schools are…

  • Empire Oaks Elementary School
  • Blanche Sprentz Elementary School
  • Carl H. Sundahl Elementary School
  • Folsom High School
  • Sandra J Gallardo Elementary School
  • And many more...

When you take into consideration that quite a few schools in Sacramento County are rated closer to the 5s, 6s and 7s, Folsom schools do very well in that regard.

Student-To-Teacher ratio varies, but is around 26 to 1.

Ask any parent(s) and most will agree how good the schools are here.  Folsom High School is not only rated highly, but has a great sports program.  The football team has won several All State Championships. 

The infamous blue field of the Folsom Bulldogs stadium.

Schools also are one of the main reasons why property values in an area decline or keep their value during market downturns.  The areas with better schools typically hold their value longer and tend to increase in value faster during market appreciation.


Do you like soccer?  Do your kids like soccer?  Soccer has become quite big around here and they have leagues all over for all ages.  There are many sports activities and other activities for the entire family.

The Steve Miklos Folsom Aquatic Center in Lembi park is an Olympic size pool where they hold many swimming events.

If you’re into the outdoor activities, you’ll love that we have.  Over 40 miles of hiking and biking trails.

You can even go through the Johnny Cash Trail through the Old Truss Bridge.

If you enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, paddle-boarding, camping or horseback riding,  we have the Negro Bar where you can access Lake Natoma.  There is Folsom Lake where you have access to the many hiking and biking trails.

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During an interview with Steve Harney on the #Tom Ferry Show , Steve states that the market will slow down, in terms of percentage of appreciation.  However, the market will still keep moving upwards, though at at much slower pace.  Click on the full interview here.

The Folsom real estate market and in the Sacramento County in general, has had a good run in the last 7years.  However, it started slowing down in the second half of 2018.  The homes started staying on the market longer, though the properties that were in good condition with upgrades AND.. and this is a big AND... were price properly still received multiple offers and sold quickly.


If you have a home in Folsom, or in the surrounding area, and you plan on selling your home - please take note.  Properly pricing your home -meaning pricing it BASED ON FACTS and not what you emotionally feel it's worth, has always been the key to making sure you sell your home quickly and at the best price.  Contact me below and I'll be happy to give you a FREE evaluation of your home - based on facts!

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FREE BONUS:  Ask me to set up a free weekly Recent Activity report around your home so you'll know what's going on with real estate activity in and around your neighborhood!  You'll receive the report straight to your email address.

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I know there’s a lot of talk about a recession or a market bubble.  I don’t think so.  The main cause of the crash  in the 2007-2008 years was due to very easy lending guidelines.  If you could breath you could get a loan.


Couple that with many lenders having appraisers in their back pockets and it was easy to get a home to appraise $50,000 higher just after 3 months after you bought it.  Then the banks allowed you to take cash out and buy other homes while using “rental income” from your current  home as income.

This time the lending guidelines are much, much more strict.  Those who are buying are the ones who can really afford it.  So, I predict there will be no bubble and values will keep rising - though not at the same pace as previous years.

Overall, the future looks bright for Folsom California real estate.

If you know of anyone who is interested in buying a home, take them here.  It's a 3-part, detailed article on the home buying process.

Tell me what your thoughts are below about the state of the Folsom real estate market.  I’d love to get your point of view and questions.  See you around town!

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