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The many ways to market your home starts with my company’s name, Coldwell Banker.  As much as I'd like to take all the credit, they deserved a lot of credit for getting as many buyer's eyes to your home.

It is well known name.  They have deep pockets and lots of techies behind the scene that makes sure the company’s name goes out to the public and be well known.

That they have done… and some!

With their Strategic Marketing and Online presence all around the world, they have built themselves to be the largest in the world and have a well-proven track record.

Locally, Regionally, Statewide, Nationally and Internationally, Coldwell Banker has consistently, year-in and year-out, outproduce any other real estate company.

Of course, they don’t dominate all markets, but they do very well in almost every market.

Strength In Numbers = More Opportunities To Market Your Home

Check out these figures:


  • Agents:  92,000
  • Offices:  3,100
  • Sales Volume (US ONLY):  $246.2 BILLION
  • Closed Units (US ONLY):  709,115 

Sacramento/Tahoe Region:

  • Agents:  779
  • Offices:  12
  • Sales Volume:  $3.098 BILLION
  • Closed Units:  6,492

Our parent company, NRT LLC, has been the #1 real estate company in the US for 22 straight years.

Number 1 In Sacramento

Based on the closed sales volume of real estate brands from Metrolist for El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo Counties from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 and reported on January 15, 2019, Coldwell Banker was #1 in Sacramento.

Buyers Can Be From Anywhere

We have a wide reach with offices in El Dorado, Sacramento, Placer and Nevada Counties and many more in the different counties towards the Bay Area.


This is just the beginning of the many ways to market your home for max exposure.  I can talk all day about what Coldwell Banker has achieved and what it means to you, but there are other topics we must talk about, which will contribute in maximizing the exposure of your home to potential buyers.

Knowing Where The Buyers Are Makes It Easier To Focus On Where To Market Your Home

Looking at the figures below, it’s clear where we have to concentrate our efforts to get your home in front of the most number of buyers.

Where buyers search for homes:

Online  =  93%

Real Estate Agent  =  86%

Mobile Site and Apps  =  73%

Open House  =  53%

Yard Sign  =  46%

Online Video  =  37%

Print Newspaper Advertisement  =  13%

How they found the home they ultimate bought:

Internet  =  50%

Real Estate Agent  =  28%

Yard Sign  =  7%

Friend, Neighbor or Relative  =  7%

Home Builder or Their Agent  =  5%

Directly from Sellers  =  3%

Print Newspaper Advertisement  =  1%

With the internet being the #1 source of where buyers search and ultimate buy, Coldwell Banker has bought into this wholeheartedly and is the #1 Brand Online as the most visited.

They’ve embraced Social Media marketing as well with over 500,000 followers across all social media platforms.

Their Internet marketing reaches buyers from all over the world by syndicating their websites to as many as 700+ partner websites.

Over 700 partner websites means even more ways to market your home, because we never know where that one perfect buyer is coming from.

InTouch TECHNOLOGY - Never Miss a Potential Buyer's Call

When we market your home for maximum exposure to potential buyers, we’re going to get calls on your home.  What do we do with the potential buyers who calls in?

Do you know that most agents don’t call those leads back?  It’s mostly because they don’t get notification when potential buyers call.

Introducing our InTouch technology.  I will get a call, a text and an email once someone inquires about your home.  No way I’m going to miss that lead call when I get 3 types of notification.

What Else Do We Do To Market Your Home

Believe it or not, we are still talking about what my company does to market your home for max exposure.  I have not talked about what I do yet, but it’s coming soon!

What Coldwell Banker does for you is to hit marketing from many different angles, because selling your home is a very serious business for us.

We’ll use a combination of traditional AND cutting-edge marketing including:

  • National brand advertising
  • Media relationship/public relations
  • Online advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Yard signs
  • Social Media
  • Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program - if your home qualifies (price point sensitive)
  • Direct Print and email Marketing (yes, print advertising still works, so we’ll use it to our advantage)
  • Just Listed flyers and postcards
  • Professional photography
  • Open House and Broker Opens (agents only showing)
  • And the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which notifies all real estate members of your home’s availability

However, the BEST advertising for your home - bar none - is pricing your home properly. 

Since this is about what me and my company will do to  market your home, we’ll touch on pricing a bit and how we can use it to help market your home best.

By pricing your home a little less than market value (based on market facts), we can create an auction effect, which will lead to multiple buyers fighting over your home.  By having multiple offers, we can drive the price of the home higher.

Bringing Even More Buyers 

One of the advantages of being a large company is that we have more resources.  One such resource is our relocation department, Cartus.

They have an affinity partnership with the USAA network with thousands of military members, as well as 25+ companies who go through Cartus to move their member employees throughout the country.

The agent who can access these buyers from our relocation department has to be a relocation specialist, which I am happy to say that I am one.

Another company they have an affinity partnership with is a Rent-To-Own company, HPA (Homepartners Of America).  They buy homes for qualified applicants who will first lease it from them while they work on their credit, save up for their down payment, etc.  Those renters, once they have worked on improving their credit and saved enough for their down payment, will then purchase the home from them. 

To you, however, it’s just a regular buyer who will buy your home and they deal with the lessee on their own.  You have absolutely no part in that. 

The most recent partnership they did is with the Turnkey program with Amazon, where Amazon gives an incentive to buyers after closing. 

These are just more ways to get more buyers for your home.

What I Do To Market Your Home

With all of what Coldwell Banker does for you, you may start wondering what do I do to market your home.

Simple answer - A LOT!  

Coldwell Banker will get buyer’s eyes to look at your home.  But getting them to take the next step takes an entirely different strategy.  This is where my experience comes in for your benefit.

Here is some of what I do (I reserve the more important stuff for when we meet)...

  1. I am a certified agent with another Rent-To-Own company who can go higher in purchase price than Home Partners of America.
  2. I personally call on my current and past clients to see if they may know of someone who may be interested in looking at your home.
  3. I’ll walk through your neighborhood before I do an open house to introduce your home to the market and see if they may know of a family member or friend who may want to see your home.
  4. Use Coldwell Banker's Military Cash Back program to have access to veteran buyers.
  5. Do Open House.
  6. I'll share a couple of ideas to incentivize the buyer to act, like the use of a Home Warranty.
  7. Market your home through my personal and social media contacts
  8. Feature your home in the Featured Home section of my personal website,  where I will write an entire page on your home.
  9. Do a Video walk-through of your home, feature the neighborhood an school system and upload to my YouTube channel, which I then send to all of my contacts - personal and social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  10. Best of all, we will strategically use the Pricing of your home and disclosures, based on my years of experience, to attract the buyers to take action on your home.

All of the many ways and effort I take to market your home will expose your home to many buyer’s eyes, but it’s a different story altogether to get them to actually come and view your home and another story still to get them to take the next step and make an offer. 

This is the part where my efforts, strategy and experience will shine for you.

Contact me to find out more about my Transparent Maximum Marketing at (916) 934-3146 or email at

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