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When you search homes for sale, it can be exciting.  It's like searching for a new car and looking forward to that new-car smell and feel...  That feeling of satisfaction knowing you're that close to accomplishing a worthwhile goal.

Can't wait?  Click on the link below to start your search!

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Disclaimer:  You will be taken to my real estate website, an outbound site, to do your home search.


For Sellers:  You can also use this search feature to look for homes that are “comparable” to your home to get an idea of your home’s value.  Or I can do a custom search for you and do a FREE market evaluation of your home…  Again, for FREE!  (Plus another Special Offer below)

However, it can be frustrating as well.  If you don’t have a plan you’ll be pulled in many different directions and get frustrated.

Before you start, here are a few things to keep in mind...

I got my real estate license in 1998.  I’ve done transactions on the loan origination side and on the real estate side.  I only do the real estate side now.  I love to search homes for sale for my buyers, then looking at homes with them, seeing the looks on their faces, their excitement when they first see a home that they love.

I love it even more when I we actually close on their transaction and they become the legal owner of the home.

Keep In Mind When You Search Homes For Sale: Lower Your Expectations

Yes, you may find what you think is close to that perfect home, but there is always something that you wish were a little more of what you want.  You’ll settle for now and may even leave it alone but if you had the chance and the funds, you’d definitely alter it… …  For now, however, it will do just fine.

When you search homes for sale, I recommend that you NOT look for a “Perfect” home, but instead look for what will work BEST for you for NOW, while considering…

  • Your timeline
  • How much you can afford and
  • The inventory that’s available.

What’s Your Timeline:

If you are short on time, then you’ll be limited on your choices.  You may just have to settle for the best one you find on your first viewing appointment OR you can continue renting.  

If you have a little bit longer time-frame, then when you search homes for sale, it won't be as stressful.  Therefore you can keep looking until you find one that you want to make an offer on and still meet your move-in timeline.

How Much Can You Afford?

This is not an accurate question.  It should be, “How much can you realistically and comfortably pay monthly towards your mortgage?”

What do I mean?  Well, let’s say you qualify to buy a home for $2,000,000, but aren’t comfortable with the monthly payment that goes with that.  So, when you search homes for sale at that price range, it wouldn't make sense, would it?  

Therefore, search homes for sale at a price closer to a payment that you’re comfortable with.  It makes sense, right?

For instance, you start looking in the $300,000 range, but after 2-3 viewing appointments (or sooner), you feel you’ve exhausted your search for that price range.  However, you find a few homes online at the $500,000 range that may just work for you.

That would be the time to decide if you want to increase your price or not.  At least you’ve had a chance to look at the lower range and had a chance to see if that price range would work for you.

Make sense?

Clean, wide streets are fairly common in Folsom California neighborhoods.

How Much Inventory Is On The Market?

The amount of inventory on the market will affect how you search homes for sale.

What do I mean?

If there are a lot of inventory on the market you can be more aggressive with your offer.  Considering other factors, such as your timeline - you can offer less or ask for credit towards closing costs, etc.  

More inventory means you have less competition and the seller will most likely be more open to considering your offer.

If the inventory is tight, then the opposite happens.  You’ll need to be even more aggressive, keeping in mind that you’ll have a lot more competition for that house.  You may, most likely, offer more than what you want or else just wait until the market turns around.

When You Search Homes For Sale, Keep In Mind The Weekly Timing Of The Market

Another thing to keep in mind is the weekly timing of the market.

"What?" you say!

Most agents are taught to put their new listings on the market on Thursdays.  This way, it’s fresh going into the weekend.  So, once you’re set up to receive emails of listings automatically as they come on the market, expect to receive most of the new home listings on Thursdays.

You’ll see homes come on the market any day of the week, but Thursday is the day of the week that you’ll get the most.

Therefore, most buyers will look between Thursday through Sunday.  Any later into the next week, the property may already have offers from the weekend.

Sundays and Mondays are when most offers are submitted and reviewed by the seller.  Most of the time, the seller makes a decision by Monday or Tuesday and finalized on Wednesdays - meaning the property will be off the market and will be in Pending status. 

Then, it starts all over again.

Therefore, keep this in mind and don’t wait until Monday to look at a home - it would most likely be off the market.

So, when you search homes for sale keep the above tips in mind and your search should be less stressful and more productive!

Enough Talk Already.  How Do I Search Homes For Sale!

“Shut Up, Already!”  you say.  Okay.  I understand.  I tend to talk too much and my wife tells me that quite often.  I feel bad for her sometimes.  So...

  1. Which sites should you use when searching for a home?
  2. Should you call an agent or do the search yourself?

Let me offer my services to you absolutely free.

You can use Zillow,, Trulia, etc.  However, they get their source from the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  The MLS is a membership service for all real estate agents to join (or not).  If the agents do join, then this is the best place to “market” their listings to other agents, who may already have a buyer for that home.

If anything changes on the listing, the change is instantaneous.

Wouldn’t it make sense to get the listings straight from the source?

My FREE offer - I can do a Custom Search for you if you’re in my area (Sacramento County and the surrounding areas) or you can call your local agent and have them set you up to receive listings based on your criteria…  It’s FREE!

My custom search is DIRECTLY from the local MLS where you’ll have the option to Save the homes you like of Reject the ones you don’t. You’ll be able to add your own search there as well...

Or you can go to my site here to do your own custom search.  It also gets its listings directly from the local MLS.

“Finally!  About Time!”  you say.

Yes, I know!  But I had to give you some pointers to help you search better and have more options.

There!  Done!  I’ll stop talking!  Go HERE to do your search or contact me.

Good luck!

Rico --

Oops! Sorry!  One more thing….

PS:  BUYERS - When you search homes for sale, it may take too much of your time.  If so, then let me help!  if you want to start receiving emails of home listings that meet your search criteria as they come on the market - just text me your email address, the area or areas you’re interested in, price range and what type of home you’re looking for and I’ll do the rest..  Again, this is FREE!

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       SELLERS - Knowing what your home is worth gives you many options and can help you make better decisions.  Contact me to receive a FREE Market Evaluation of your home.  It's easy!  Just TEXT me your email address and your home address and I'll run the FREE valuation for you within 24-48 hours ----  for FREE!!

I can also set up a FREE, weekly Housing activity update around your home for even more convenience.  It's easy.  All you have to do is contact me and ask.

You like FREE, don't you?

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